The present and future of THC production

C-Click’s patented catalysis chemistry-based CBD-to-THC conversion process is ready today to change the way THC is produced and consumed globally, for decades to come.

Superior Process

CBD-derived THC can be a better alternative to flower or THC extracted from the plant for medicinal applications and use as an approved dietary ingredient in THC-infused food and beverages.
The current state-of-the-art conversion process is not suitable for production of THC at scale in accordance with GMP standards.  The resulting THC is unlikely to receive regulatory certification as an approved dietary ingredient.
The current SOTA is a solution chemistry-based process requiring multiple intermediate treatments of the reaction mixture, handling, addition and recovery of toxic solvents and reagents, costly equipment, and C1D1/C1D2 level facilities to perform the conversions.
C-Click’s industrial process and device are capable of converting CBD to THC in greater volumes and at significantly lower cost per kg than manufacturers that rely on the solution chemistry-based processes, which are highly variable and too often produce final products with significant unknown side products and potential contamination by heavy metals and residual toxic solvents.
A manufacturer using C-Click’s process will have the capacity to produce 1,800L of distillate per 8-hour shift per month with equipment costing < $200,000 in a 1,000 sq ft facility with no modifications except 480V power.


C-Click is working with partners with experience and networks in cannabis and cannabis-adjacent sectors.
Our partners and their networks include investors, technology providers, operators with extensive experience “touching” the plant (sourcing, extraction, formulation, distribution, marketing, and sales), and contacts in many of the 60 countries where C-Click anticipates patent protection.
Our manufacturing partner develops, staff, and operates facilities to convert CBD to THC for sales to downstream manufacturers.  The partner has established a global supply chain for equipment, catalyst, reagents, and testing, enabling C-Click to license our process globally.
While our partners convert CBD to THC, C-Click will focus on process and intellectual property development:
– Evaluate of novel catalyst families
– Develop analytic standards for testing
– Extend SOPs for THC produced from delta 8-THC and delta 9-THC today, to delta 7-, 10-, 11-, and 12-THC
– Expand the scope of the patent
– Actively defend the patent via notification of potential licensees of the patent’s issue and allowable claims


USPTO Patent #US 11,098,024 grants C-Click broad rights to a novel method and technology for the use of the acidicly enriched solid support structures to convert CBD to THC in suitable reaction vessels of all sizes. The patent specifies CBD as feedstock, in solution or not, and encompasses all H+ solid catalysts and isomers of THC produced. 
Given the dynamic legal and regulatory environment in which the cannabis industry operates,  C-Click will continue to focus on development of the conversion reaction in industrial settings, and in a personal use device under increased regulatory scrutiny; and beyond the capability of all current market participants.

Key Patent Filings and Notices:

USPTO Patent Application #16/741,741


Summary of Allowable Claims

Notice of Allowance

USPTO Patent #US 11,098,024